Home & Kitchen Appliances
In our everyday life, we are using many electronics appliances. These home and kitchen appliances make our life easy and comfortable. From laundry to cooking food to washing utensils to the clean and cool air, we are using many appliances. 
Air Conditioner -  Nowadays air conditioners are no luxury rather it becomes a necessity. During summer the temperature goes even beyond 40 ̊C. You will feel an enormous amount of heat as well as humidity. An AC will help to maintain the ideal temperatures and humidity to keep the best atmosphere inside your house.
Washing Machine — Without a washing machine, it is very difficult to imagine our life. They give you comfortability during your laundry. It is the most innovative and life-changing appliances. The washing machine will clean your clothes and also dries them. You no need to apply any physical effort, just put your laundry and washing liquid and start the cycle rest will be taken care by washing machine. You can choose either top loader, front loader or a semi-automatic washing machine. They come in a wide price range and if you filter then you will get the best budget washing machines.
Refrigerator — A refrigerator maintains the cool temperature and keeps your food fresh for a longer time. The refrigerator will maintain 2–3 ̊C temperature inside the fridge which prevents bacteria generation as well as protects them from spoiling our food. Nowadays refrigerators are coming with improved technologies and models.
Water Purifier — Nowadays water becomes polluted with this increasing pollutants into water. Most of the diseases are directly or indirectly associated with either by polluted water or air. The water purifier will clean the impurities from the water and will give you clean drinking water. There are many water purifiers available in the market along with different purification techniques. A good water purifier helps in the removal of suspended particles, excess salts & microbes while retaining the needed vitamins & minerals.
Air Purifier — With the increasing pollution and global warming an air purifier becomes the necessity of each house. Sometimes indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. It may be due to the presence of smoke, burning fuels, indoor smoking and many more. Air pollution is the 5th largest killer in the world. Most of the respiratory disease is directly or indirectly affected by the degrading air quality.
There are also some essential appliances like a Television, Water heater, room heater, food processorkitchen chimney and  many more. These will give you the comfortability of life.
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